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BBK Logistics company

Logistics is all about speed, efficiency and accuracy. As an entrepreneur you don’t want to have to worry about your shipments all over the world. Therefore, you could better outsource it to a reliable logistics company. A partner who knows what he is doing;  someone with whom you can have short lines of communication when it comes to rates and sailing schedules and someone who is there when problems need solving. In this respect, a trustworthy business relationship is extremely important.

BBK logistics is a reliable logistics company with over 20 years of experience. We’ve decided to go back to basic, as we firmly believe the added value of one single and complete source of logistics service, that takes care of the entire shipment process.  Someone you can trust to take good care of it, so you no longer need to worry, knowing it will all be perfectly executed.

BBK logistics stands for dedication and involvement that is nicely complemented with a personal approach. With our creative capacities we’ll find the solution that is needed to make your shipments efficient and successful. We’re highly experienced in shipping fish, but meanwhile we’ve extended our services to other types of goods such as: paper, rolls of wallpaper, steel and Shipper's Owned Containers with household goods. In collaboration with our partner CBOX (www.cboxcontainers.nl) we are the logistic solution for your move.

Ben Bakker

20 years ago I started learning the trade when I worked for Kloosterboer in IJmuiden as a novice freight forwarder. My activities, among other things, included booking containers and handling side door ships from Norway. Until this day, I have maintained excellent standing partnerships with a lot of customers I met during that time.

After working for Kloosterboer for 7 years, I began working for Eimskip in Rotterdam: A nice company with lots of possibilities on the area of logistics. For 13 years I had been working as their account manager on the forwarding department where I was mainly involved in the shipment of frozen fish to Asia.

I’m proud to say that during that time I had been arranging the logistics for the 24 hours race in Dubai for a period of 10 years. Together with my colleague I’ve played a fundamental part in the development and improvement of the logistics flow of this unique event. Nowadays, the 24 hours race in Dubai is considered the endurance race of the year.

Now that I’m an experienced freight forwarder I decided to put my experience and expertise to good use and created my own logistics service company. This way, I’m able to arrange and assure the best possible service to my customers.

Ben Bakker

 +31 (0)20 216 1115
M +31 (0)6 21 141 393
Email bbakker@bbklogistics.nl

Corina van Gool

20 years ago I started to work for Kloosterboer in IJmuiden. My job was handling the documentation; a task with which I’m very much acquainted by, by now. After 7 years I moved to Rotterdam and got offered a position at Eimskip, where I was able to further improve my logistics skills and gain a lot of additional knowledge. Both documentation and billing are skills that I acquired during these 20 years of work experience in the logistics sector.

Corina van Gool
Executive Administrative Assistant
T +31 (0)20 216 1116
Email  cvangool@bbklogistics.nl